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We Care Passionately About Your Smile

Empowering your smile so you can succeed.

Orthodontic Treatment in Maine

Treatment options for Braces and Invisalign in Falmouth, Maine.
We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else — anywhere else

We have made it our goal to empower those we encounter.

There is nothing like seeing a patient go from introverted and shy – and by the end of treatment, they have a big, beaming smile with such self-confidence and pride. It’s why we do this!

At Mbrace Orthodontics we care passionately about your experience with us.

When it comes to your treatment options, we do our absolute best to help you pick the treatment option that you want and that will get you the best smile.

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Clear & Metal Braces
Athletic Mouth Guards
Cleft Lip and Palate
Early Interceptive Treatments
Surgical Orthodontics
Habit Appliances

“Mbrace and Mpower our community one smile at a time.”

We have strong values that determine the kind of office we want this to be and the type of experience people should expect. We believe these values guide and serve every experience we have with every one of our patients.

  • Personal Responsibility

    We believe success begins with taking responsibility for our actions and results.

  • Honor and Integrity

    We are committed to a culture of honor and integrity.

  • Kaizen

    We believe in honest self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

  • Courage and Positivity

    We believe in taking courageous steps and practicing positivity.

  • Give Back and Make a Difference

    We are committed to positively affecting those around us.

  • Leadership and Empowerment

    We strive for leadership and empowerment for ourselves, our colleagues, our patients, and our community.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    We are committed to providing the highest level of care for our patients both in high-quality orthodontics and in excellent interpersonal care.

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