Caring for your Braces!

Caring for your Braces!

How to care for your orthodontic appliances

Brushing your Braces:

  • Remember to brush at least twice a day and try to brush after each meal if you can!
  • It’s best to spend at least 2 minutes brushing- don’t forget this steps:
    1. Brush directly on your braces
    2. With your brush angled at 45 degrees brush between your braces and gums
    3. Brush the chewing side of your teeth
    4. Don’t forget the insides also!

If you are using an electric toothbrush, place the brush in those areas and let the brush do the work. If you are using a handheld brush it is best to use a circular motion.

Click on one of the following two videos to see the proper technique in action!


brushing video 2

Flossing: your Braces:

  • Flossing is important to clean in between your teeth and exercise your gums!
  • With braces, you’ll need to weave the floss under the wire then in between each tooth. Move the floss toward the gum tissue while hugging each tooth with the floss.

Caring for your Appliances:

  • Brushing: You’ll care for these the same way you care for braces, except you’ll need to spend extra time angling your toothbrush to clean all the areas of your appliance!

Additional Tools

  • Fluoride rinse can help to strengthen your enamel
  • A water pik or interdental cleaner cant help to reach hard to clean areas


Caring for your Braces

What can I eat?

You’re on your way to a beautiful smile, but in the meantime you’ll need to be careful about the foods that you eat. Some foods you’ll need to avoid completely, others you’ll need to change the way them! Here’s a guide for you!

Foods to Avoid:

  • Sticky foods: Gum, caramel candies, chewy candies
  • Hard foods: Nuts, popcorn, hard candies, ice cubes

Foods to Eat with Caution:

  • Raw fruits and veggies- simply cut into bite size and chew on the back teeth
  • Corn on the Cob- enjoy by removing from the cob
  • Chewy breads: bagels, pizza crust- break off smaller sizes on your back teeth


Can I play sports?

Absolutely! When you are practicing and playing sports, please remember to protect your braces and your lips by wearing a mouth guard. You can buy mouth guards at a store or you can have one made especially for you!


What happens if something breaks?

(Including broken brackets, loose bands or broken wires)

When braces are well cared for they rarely break, but it can happen! If something breaks be sure to call our office and let us know. We will help you to know the next steps. If something is broken, it could mean that it is not working properly and therefore could increase the time you are in treatment.


What else should I know?

That your smile is going to be awesome!

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