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by Dr Tarryn Mac Carthy and Dr Meg Dombroski

Last week, I taught my three-year-old daughter to finish this sentence (and then of course fist pump into the air like we are super heroes!). To my complete and utter amazement this small statement has been working wonders on this very independent kiddo.
Let me set up the usual situation: I am running around in the morning trying to serve breakfast, pack lunches, pack bags, get myself dressed and ready, and get the kids dressed and ready before flying out the door to preschool drop-off and to work. (Let’s just say it’s chaotic, but I know I’m living the same dream as most moms out there!) Usually I say “Please put your shoes on,” 50 million times before it actually happens. But this small new phrase has been mildly life changing (as I type that I cringe to think I am jinxing myself!). Now- I say, “Taylor- I need your help to put your shoes on- remember: Teamwork makes the…” She comes rushing around the corner yelling “Dreeeeeeam work.” And to my shock, the shoes go on.
A little stunned by this, I started to question why is this actually working? My conclusion: by flipping my request from a demand, I empowered her to understand that she is a vital part in the success of the task. But then again- don’t we all feel that way? Don’t we all rise to be better versions of ourselves when we feel we are needed and valued in the situation? In personal reflection, this is true for me in almost every “team” of my life: my marriage, my Mbrace Team, my UNE Team, my friendships. When we feel valued as important members of the goal, we flourish.
Both Tarryn and I feel this idea of empowerment and teamwork to be especially true about our team at Mbrace. We want our staff to feel valued for the amazing work they do every single day because without their teamwork we truly could not make this dream work! We are super excited to be currently searching for our newest team member and we can’t wait to welcome them in this very supportive team!
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