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by Dr Tarryn Mac Carthy and Dr Meg Dombroski

Each month we highlight Empowering People in our community who help to uplift and to inspire us. Stu and Cindy Small’s story exemplifies our values of living a positive lifestyle and building others up.

  • How did the idea of Super Scoops come into being?

When I sold my previous business in my 40s Cindy and I sat down to brainstorm what to do next. We wanted something exciting, social, and successful. Our seasonal ice cream shop was born!

  • How does Super Scoops positively impact the community?

Super Scoops has exceeded our expectations in the positivity it has brought to Falmouth. It is a place for friends and family to gather, a place for everything from first ice creams to first jobs. We do our best to contribute to the happiness of our customers, and also by supporting schools, sports teams, and community functions.

  • What sources of positivity do you turn to in your lives?

We are surrounded by positivity. We keep a smiling by having faith in God and keeping our loved ones close. Super Scoops has brought us a second family of kind-hearted workers and customers. Our business brings us as much joy as it gives out ice cream.

  • Please share with us one story of Super Scoops making a difference in someone’s day?

One of our employees started here as a very introverted sophomore in high school. Socializing and meeting new people was not her forte, but after having been involved with us for 2 summers she is bubbly and sociable, a prize possession of our team. Having written her college essay on the impact Super Scoops had on her, she came to realize her interest in social work. She just graduated from college and is applying to be a primary school teacher. She claims she would not be where she is today without the help of Super Scoops.

  • What is your definition of “EMPOWERMENT”?

Empowerment is the act of supporting and pushing one another. Our customers have empowered us year after year with never faltering appreciation and love.
Thank you Stu and Cindy for positively impacting us and our town in your incredible turn in your lives. We love your focus on the things that are most important to you in designing a mission that speaks to those priorities!
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