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Our Financing

What Works Best for You

Because we’re both moms, we know orthodontics is a huge investment, not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and commitment.

So when you walk into Mbrace Orthodontics, there is absolutely no commitment. Your first consultation will always be free because we feel strongly that we can’t even offer you a plan without really getting to know you and your specific needs. Not only will we consult with you regarding your individual needs toward a beautiful smile, but we will also get to know you and your financial outlook. There are several creative ways to approach a financial plan, and we explore those options with you to do what works best for you.

No Added Fees

We want you to take comfort in knowing that the fee we quote is the total cost for the duration of treatment. This fee includes any emergency visits or breakages, as well as retainers. We approach your care in a holistic way that doesn’t continue to add costs to the process. Once each individual is comfortable with the financial plan, that’s when the fun begins, and we get to move forward to focus on your health as a team. We love this work because it’s how we really get to know you as we journey together toward your beautiful, confident smile!

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