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Our Mission and Core Values

More than teeth and smiles

At Mbrace Orthodontics, we have an amazing opportunity to live out what we believe is our life’s purpose. This is deeply meaningful work, and it’s about changing people’s lives and changing the way people see themselves. We aim to lift others, to empower them personally, and to pour into our community. Every inch of our space and every bit of the time we spend with our patients stems from our vision and our values.

We get to know each patient individually

Not only do we want you to feel instantly empowered when you walk in our doors, but we also want you to feel instantly welcomed. Both of us take the time to get to know each patient individually. We believe that treating and planning each patient together is our greatest strength, and we do that knowing that simply straightening teeth isn’t enough.

Restoring confidence

Restoring confidence in a person is what drives us and makes us want to come to work every day. We particularly love working with youth, when they’re beginning to understand who they are. We get the privilege to see them transform. We celebrate them, embrace them, and give them our full attention.

Our mission and core values drive everything we do here at Mbrace Orthodontics, and we’re honored to have this opportunity to change lives together one smile at a time.

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