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Our Compassionate Team

Passionate and dedicated to serving you

One thing you’ll quickly notice at Mbrace Orthodontics is that this orthodontic office has a truly amazing team. In fact, we believe our team is everything good about Mbrace Orthodontics!

Shared Values

It’s awesome to be in a place where each team member shares the same values and compassion. Every member here plays such a critical role and seems to always be working toward her own growth and the growth of others. The Mbrace Team is hardworking, but not only that, they are so full of care and literally love their patients. They love the children we serve as they would their own and treat them with a depth of heart that seems hard to find elsewhere.

Shared purpose

We think our staff is the most fun group of women, and we believe that’s because everyone wants to be here. We enjoy one another’s presence, and we can’t imagine a group of women more suited to work together. We know we’re making a difference, and we know we have a purpose together, which is exactly why Mbrace Orthodontics really does have a team that we believe you’ll love to know.

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