3M Clarity Advanced Brackets

Mpowering your smile so you can succeed.

Mbrace Orthodontics Clear Braces

The 3M Clarity Advanced Technology Helps Us Serve Our Community in Maine.
3M Clarity Advanced Braces are a proven bracket system.

Mbrace Orthodontics cares passionately what can offer with clear braces in Falmouth

We want our patients to be excited and empowered by their new braces and their new smile. Clarity Advanced braces is a time-tested method that works great, looks great, and allows our patients to be empowered by their treatment and smile from day one.

Dr. Mac Carthy and Dr. Dombroski are 3M Clarity Advanced providers. While metal braces are a great option for most patients, we want your braces to empower you. That’s why our team provides specialized care and believes your first consult with us at Mbrace Orthodontics should be free.

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Fantastic Smile

Don’t wait until your braces are off to feel in control of your life. With Clarity Advanced, embrace your smile!

Improved Hygiene

The Clarity Advanced clear braces help keep your teeth healthy by lessening the risk of cavities while in treatment.

Fewer Treatment Visits

3M Braces use less force to straighten your teeth, meaning you will need fewer office visits!

Amazing Comfort

With Clarity Advanced clear braces we can move your teeth with lighter forces meaning less pain for you.

What are 3M Clarity Advanced Braces?

Our clear braces are made by 3M and are part of their Clarity Advanced line of braces. 3M has been making high-quality braces for a very long time, and we trust the current direction that this technology is taking. We couldn’t be happier to offer 3M Clear Braces as a great looking and effective option.

Is There a Metal Braces Option?

While Clarity Advanced is a great option for most patients, it doesn’t work in all situations. 3M Clarity Advanced Braces have an alternate option called 3M Advanced Braces. At your free consultation, Dr. Mac and Dr. Meg will help determine if it’s a good option for you.

Why Should I Care About My Braces?

Most people don’t care about what braces their orthodontist uses. Why would they? Braces are braces. Well, that’s not entirely true. As you can see, the 3M Clarity System that Mbrace Orthodontics offers is an excellent balance of effectiveness, durability, and beauty.
3M Clarity
3M Clarity Advanced Braces
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3M Clarity Advanced – Unitek Information

“Mbrace and Mpower our community one smile at a time.”

We have strong values that determine the kind of office we want this to be and the type of experience people should expect. We believe these values guide and serve every experience we have with every one of our patients.

  • Personal Responsibility

    We believe success begins with taking responsibility for our actions and results.

  • Honor and Integrity

    We are committed to a culture of honor and integrity.

  • Kaizen

    We believe in honest self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

  • Courage and Positivity

    We believe in taking courageous steps and practicing positivity.

  • Give Back and Make a Difference

    We are committed to positively affecting those around us.

  • Leadership and Empowerment

    We strive for leadership and empowerment for ourselves, our colleagues, our patients, and our community.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    We are committed to providing the highest level of care for our patients both in high-quality orthodontics and in excellent interpersonal care.

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