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What You Focus On Expands

For too many minutes in our lives we dwell on the negativity, on the problems we need to solve.

In orthodontics, and in dentistry in general, we are trained to spot the “problem,” to hunt for the negativity in order to properly diagnose and treat. Our days become obsessions of negativity and difficulty.

Recently I tried an exercise in celebrating The Fabulous. I started a consistent practice of dwelling on the amazing things in my life. What a gift! Focusing on the wonder and abundance in my life was like honing a powerful magnet for more wealth and joy. Some people liken this phenomenon to the Law of Universal Attraction:

Like Attracts Like

In a practical sense we have all had this experience.

Smiling at a stranger receives a smile, a grumpy venting session from a friend opens the door for more “venting” and negative reflection. I recently noticed this in a conversation with a friend of mine who has been struggling with EVERYTHING. She doesn’t like her clothes, her own face, her colleagues, her financial situation, her job… the list just grows every time we get together. Her negativity has burdened her to such an extent that she sleeps poorly, eats poorly, and doesn’t have time or energy to exercise. She is so disillusioned with her job that researching new avenues and practices is overwhelming and she can’t seem to motivate to get started.

When a single happy event came in to her life, everything changed. A new family member has required all her focus and energy. This little light of positivity has changed her perspective in all aspects of her life. Suddenly her job is more fulfilling, she has been outdoors exercising more and lost weight, I hear more laughter and optimism than I have heard in years. Like attracts like.

I recently heard that if one spends an hour a day reading about a specific subject one would become an expert in that field in 7 years. Can you imagine the happiness quotient we would bank if we focused for one hour a day on being happy?

Awareness brings about change. Be aware of the fabulousness in your life and attract even more.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.


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