Over the Holiday season, the Today Show featured a #ShareKindness campaign. Usually I am never able to sit and watch the Today Show but thanks to a well timed maternity leave, I was able to sit blissfully with a new born baby in my arms drinking “blueberry hot chocolate tea” created by my imaginative 3 year old. What a luxury it was!

Day after day, they aired a story featuring random acts of kindness. One segment about Hoda Kotb dressed up as police officer caught the very short attention of the aforementioned three year old. My daughter asked me “what that lady was doing.” I instantly found myself spouting a dissertation to her about kindness towards others. Then, after peering into my soul, as only a child can, she said, “Momma, what kindness did you do today?”
The depth of that simple sentence hit me like strong wind. What kindness had I spread? I hadn’t even moved from the couch yet! The question moved me- what kindness would I share today? I started rolodexing through my mind, brainstorming random acts of kindness- a soup kitchen day! A paid for coffee for the person behind me in line! A donation to a charity! But then- as if the holiday spirit whispered in ear- I remembered just as the holidays aren’t about monetary gifts nor does sharing kindness need to be.
I dashed to the craft closet (exploding with disorder) and pulled out some paper, markers and of course- glitter and bedazzle jewels (true mom of girls!). Then we spent a morning creating kindness cards to brighten the days of the people in our lives. (Don’t ask me if I have had time to mail them yet- that’s for another blog!)
Sharing kindness isn’t only giving to charity or buying things for strangers- it’s also simple compliment, or my favorite- a smile.  Just a few simple reminders that we’re all in this world together and it’s a whole lot nicer when it’s peppered with kindness.

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