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By Drs Tarryn Mac Carthy and Meg Dombroski
What an amazing holiday!!!! National Day of Encouragement! This holiday called to us. This is our jam. At Mbrace Orthodontics EMPOWERMENT is our mission and purpose in life. Everything we do comes back to our theme of Empowering those around us. Encouragement is empowerment’s little sister and such a huge support in our eternal goal of empowering every single person in our community.
As moms we are all very good at encouragement and, as moms, we have been doing A TON of encouragement these past few weeks. No matter what grade your child may be entering it is all new and slightly scary and always in need of a little (or a lot) of encouragement. “You can do it, My Love!”, “You have an opportunity to make NEW friends”, “I’m sure you will love your new teacher”. A distinction in encouragement really is a mothering prerequisite that we perfect early on in the toddler years.
As friends we encourage each other all the time. What, after all, do we look for in a good friend? Who are the ones we keep in our small group? My bet would be your besties are the best at supporting and encouraging you in everything you do. And I bet that you hold that rank for them because you return the favor with such excellence and love. “You are perfectly right to stand up for yourself!”, “That’s exactly what you should do”, “Of course you can train for a half Iron Man in 6 months!”.
But where we always seem to fall short is with ourselves.
I would like to take this moment to rename this day: National Day of SELF ENCOURAGEMENT. None of us do enough of this. In fact, one of the few things we tend to be very good at it self DIS-couragement. How often do we second guess ourselves, doubt ourselves, quit before we even begin? Where did we ever learn this from? No wonder we need all the encouragement from those around us when we keep knocking ourselves down! I dream of teaching my children to be self-encouragers for their own lives. I dream this for me. I dream this for you.
In this day, and in this week, as much as I am aim to empower those around me, my goal is to encourage self-empowerment and to start with self-encouragement. May this day help you to reflect on the way you speak to yourself and to remind you to be kind to yourself! More than being kind, be bold, be brave, be ENCOURAGING! What do you have to lose?
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