Empowering people are all around us! Some of the most incredible people are the youth in our community. Each month Meg and I interview phenomenal people, in our community, who are breaking ground to uplift us all. This month we are honored to chat with Cameron Beressi, Falmouth High School Senior. We are so excited to share Cameron’s story with you because he is the very first recipient of our MBrace and MPower High School Senior Scholarship Award! Of all the applicants for our scholarship Cameron impressed us most in terms of his efforts to empower others and himself

  • Congratulations on graduating from FHS, Cameron! Please tell us about your future goals.

I am taking a gap year to volunteer with Safe Passage in Guatemala. I will also enter into Boot Camp for the Marine Corps so that during my college years I will be in the reserve.

  • How did you choose this post graduation path?

When I was younger I never thought about the simple things in life. I never worried about having food or about my education. As I grew older my vision grew wider. I noticed that there were things I had that others didn’t. I couldn’t explain why it saddened me. During my junior year I started to understand that I was sheltered from the reality that not everyone had the same chances in life as I did. When I heard about Safe Passage I knew what I needed to do. I hope to be teaching English to the inner city children in Guatemala City. Many of these children are born into families that have to search through the dump three times a day just to find meals. All children deserve the same chances in life as anyone else in this world.

  • How do you see yourself empowering others?

By taking what I learned growing up and sharing it with others I can try to help others get the same opportunities the rest of us have. I am excited to go into the Marines and I see this as a great way to help people in need. It’s also a way to protect the opportunities that we value back home.

  • What three things are you most grateful for?

The support I have from family and friends. The opportunities that I have had. The ability to keep doing what I want to do and to achieve my goals.
We acknowledge Cameron for his dream of empowering those who are less fortunate! We wish him the best of luck in his bright future! Thank you Cameron for being an inspiration to us all and for building up others around you!   Dr Tarryn Mac Carthy

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