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by Dr Tarryn Mac Carthy and Dr Meg Dombroski

“Too fast!”
This is the typical response we all give when asked, “how is your summer going?” And it’s always true! Living in Maine we are spoiled with the most incredible summers. The weather is near perfect- not too hot- not too cold- just simply perfect. We can close our eyes and picture the beauty of Maine in the summer: the bluish glisten of the sun on the ocean waves, the lush green grass and trees swaying in the gentle breeze, multicolored sunsets and list goes on.
Yes, summer always seems too short (and YES! Winter, although beautiful as well, always seems too long). We are so lucky to live in this state! As this summer draws to a close and we prepare for back to school and pumpkin spiced everything, I hope you can find a moment to reflect on the wonderful memories you have created this summer.
This summer my family and I have enjoyed catching up with old friends, beach days, lake days, child-friendly hiking, movie nights in the park and our favorite: family dinners on the deck as the sun warms the sky throughout the evening. I’m certainly guilty of looking forward to the next season and the next items on the calendar, but as I sit here tonight typing, I’m content to just revel in the beauty of Maine summer.
And I just decided. At dinner tomorrow evening, as we sit on our deck, I’m going to ask my family to reflect on our summer fun and ask a few leading questions below. Perhaps you’ll join me?
What is your favorite memory from this summer?
 Did you try anything new?
 If you had to create a title to define this summer for you, what would it be?
 What do you wish you could have done this summer, but didn’t have a chance? (PS There’s still time- September is beautiful!)
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