Doing Our Very Best


Have you ever felt defeated and frustrated? Ever felt like you have been running in circles, juggling, cheering, working, intermittent fasting, and completely and utterly overwhelmed?

  You. Are. Not. Alone.

We are living in a self-improvement intensity like history has never seen. We are never good enough. We are constantly bombarded with multi-step programs and self-help “apps” and inspirational speakers, all urging us to improve. Everyone is struggling to be better, feel better, look better. Sometimes I find myself swirling in a pool of guilt that trying to be better in a certain area of my life necessitates neglecting another whole part of me. Isn’t it ever good enough to just be trying?

Why does this never seem to feel better?

I am learning that it is the recognition of the intention that is the magic. Intention itself is all part of the bigger picture, part of the “journey”. What matters is the motive and the value of the journey. We are all just doing our very best.

The critical point is where your intention lies, it’s not about the outcome- even though those little wins are pretty sweet!

The secret is in the reflection, the appreciation, the gratitude for the journey and the little lessons along the way. There is so much lasting value in taking a moment for a deep breath, to honor the intention. These are those teeny tiny wins that are the magic of happiness. We spend so many minutes focused on the problems we need to fix and the areas of needed improvement that we don’t give enough mental energy to those positive moments when the intention was realized and honored.

We have started a new ritual in our house (yes, another one!). We go around the dinner table (or the car as we drive to the next activity) and announce the two things we are most proud of in that day. More than anything I wish for my children that they can grow up with happiness. It seems happiness is a practice. Reflection, and appreciation is a practice.

We are all doing our very best.

YOU are doing your very best.

Own it.

You are AMAZING for it!

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